Hiding calls flu conditions in Portugal confusing

Max Verstappen described the qualifying in Portugal as confusing”and complains about the lack of grip conditions that made the Red Bull pilot drive his fastest time in Q1.

Verstappen was in the first section of the qualification in Portimao 0, 025 seconds faster than on its fastest lap in Q3.

“I could not repeat my lap time because I simply did not have the same grip,” says Verstappen. It has been quite difficult to get the tires to work all weekend. Besides, the asphalt’s pretty slippery. There is only one line you can take.”

With rank three behind the two Mercedes, Verstappen can still live well, even if he wonders why he could not repeat his Q1 time.” It seemed as if it had been a little more difficult for us to get the tires into a better window, although it already felt better from Q2 to Q3 on one lap.”

Much fun wouldn’t have made him”You can’t push. You just drive like an ice cream truck. This is a pity,”he says.

Two and a half dozen customers were missing him at the end on the pole position. As at the Nurburgring ring, he was quite close to the two Mercedes. However, he does not want to overestimate this because, on the one hand, the grip was missing and Mercedes was also on his way to other tires –the medium.

“I think we need to go on a route that we have already been on in recent years,” he says about a better comparison. “I think we need to go on a route that we have already been on in recent years.” Events like this are always a bit of luck. Sometimes you do better than others. Stage three and so close is still a good success.”