Hill: Senna or Schumi in other leagues

Ex-World Champion and Schumacher Archrival Damon Hill admits in his new biography Watching the Wheels”that he could not reach the absolute formula-1-sizes in terms of talent.” I’m not in the same league as Ayrton Senna, Alain Prost, Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton,”writes the Brit.

As a result, he expresses the fact that he did not start playing cards like Schumacher or Senna when he was a little boy. I wouldn’t say I lack the skills. But I think I missed the training in my youth to get to this level.”

Damon Hill, who grew up as the son of Formula One legend Graham Hill in a motor sport environment, started his active career only at the age of 19. When he was fifteen, his father was in a plane crash. The private plane was not insured, so the family had to pay for the victims, which is why the money for a race career was missing.

Entering Formula Sports only at 23 years

Furthermore, Hill began his race career on two wheels and only switched to the Ford formula with 23 years without card experience. In order not to suffer from his old age, he made himself younger by two years.

About a test driver job at Williams he managed to debut with 31 at Brabham, 1993

Hill conquered formula 1 in a hurry after Nigel Mansell’s resignation and in the superior Boliden he was still in Hungary in the same year.

Hill conquered formula 1: With the death of teammate Ayrton Senna he climbed 1994 at Williams to number one pilot. on and lost the title only by the legendary collision at the season finale in Australia.

Hill did not feel like a real racer

The great name was not only a door opener for Hill, but also a burden, as he reveals: “For the most part of my life I was looking for an answer to the big question: Am I just a repetition of Graham Hill, a Graham Hill Part Two? Or am I Damon Hill, part one? I was confused whether I was a real racing driver or someone who was assigned to a mission before I could find my true self.”

After winning the title in the 1996 year he was put at the door by Williams, which is why he docked at the rear-bench team Arrows and there in Hungary 1997 almost sensationally won. But formula 1 gradually wore off Hill and he ended his career.” Everything became too much for me, and I had to get my act together and I felt like an insect in a glass,”he describes his situation at the time. I thought formula 1 was my problem, but it had to do with other topics.”

psychotherapy against depression

Hill sought help from a friend therapist who, like Hill, had lost her parents in a helicopter crash. Today he has overcome his self-doubt, his depression and his anger. And he found out what the motivation behind his career was: “The motivation for my stamina was the desire to repair all the damage t hat the Hill 1975 family suffered.”

The decision to seek psychological help was the right decision from today’s point of view, says the 55-year-old, who, after his career, graduated from university in English literature and has now joined the Formula One races as a TV expert: “Therapy works differently than some people think. You have to learn to describe things in such a way that they understand other people. And so it can be possible to cross the bridge.”