Hoeness reveals: This is how Pep cashes in his mega transfers

The incumbent German football champion FC Bayern Munich wants to join the big clubs in the summer and put around 200 million euros in new staff, which FCB President Uli Hoeness recently revealed. However, this sum will not flow into a single transfer, but will be distributed among several new professionals, quite different from what is now the case with the big players in Spain or England.

Fitting for this, Hoeness has now betrayed Munich in the “Evening Newspaper”, as former Bavarian coach Pep Guardiola, who has been training Manchester City since summer 2016, cashing in his mega transfers.

“My friend Pep Guardiola told me what happens when he wants to have a player who costs hundreds of millions of euros”, the 67-year-old explained to the page.

The Spaniard collects “a few videos about the player” and flies to Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the main shareholder of the citizens.

More than 1,5 billion euros this loudly “kicker” has pumped into England in recent years from the Persian Gulf.

” The next day the sheik would only have to turn the gas tap a few millimeters further, and already he had the money back in, Hoeness closed his remarks.