Hoeness’last mission: attack mode instead of mourning

Am 15. In November Uli Hoeness resigns as President and Chief Supervisor to FC Bayern Munich. However, he is still in the attack mode.

Uli Hoeness smiled. It’s quite astonishing, he said, “that everyone cares more about my soul life than I do.” He did not even consider that it was his last royal class mission as President and Supervisor of Bavaria Munich. The 67-year-old stressed that “everything as usual”, before the departure of the record champion to the Champions League group game at Olympiakos Piraeus. He doesn’t see a cut anyway. I will always remain strongly attached to FC Bavaria.”

A deep cut will nevertheless be when Hoeness at the Assembly of Members on the 15th. In November his office will be handed over to the designated successor Herbert Hainer.” I’ll be on the 16th. November for the first time in my life without a plan,”he said recently. This is exciting, but he is looking forward to it.

But Hoeness is still a long way from retirement. Even before the party in Greece, the Munich Patriarch was in the usual mode of attack. He took on the team’s duty, stirred up discussions about Thomas Muller, presented himself to coach Niko Kovac, but at the same time gave him advice regarding the lineup. Recently, with his tirades against the DFB over Torwart Manuel Neuer, he had created a lot of publicity in football Germany.

Hoeness assured: “I will be heard from again”

And this is supposed to be a thing of the past in about three and a half weeks? Hard to imagine. But Hoeness has recently promised several times not to interfere in public. He said he would not advise his heirs as a simple Supervisory Board member (until November 2023) without question. But: “I will not be a golf-playing elderly pensioner watching over Lake Tegernsee. You don’t have to worry, I’ll be in touch.”

Managing Director Karl-Heinz Rummenigge also suspected that Hoeness would always be present at the Bavarians.” It is not his last day today,”said Rummenigge, when Hoeness had officially said,”and it will never be his last.”

At first Hoeness admitted that he did not like the surrender of power easily. He confessed that he was “also awake at night”. But, he said about the main reason for the farewell: “My wife reminded me over and over again at breakfast that she also wanted to have some rights and more time with me.”

FC Bayern at Hainer and Kah “in the best hands”

Hoeness is sure that his life’s work will also have a bright future without him. “This club is in top condition”, the FC Bavaria has “so much power” that it no longer needs it “at the front”. With Hainer and Rummenigge successor Oliver Kahn, the club was “in the best hands”.

Hainer had already announced his intention to develop his own profile. However, even the long-time Adidas boss sees no reason to distance himself completely from Hoeness.” If I could lead FC Bavaria to similar successes as Uli Hoeness, I’m sure it wouldn’t be a bad thing,”he said,”So it would be wise for me to take his advice.”