Horn would buy “weeks of isolation” for Cologne

The Cologne pro Timo Horn would be prepared to waive many freedoms in the event of ghost games in the Federal Football League.

“If there were only this scenario to continue, I would do so immediately and buy a week-long isolation”, said the 26-year-old goalkeeper in a FC podcast organised by “Radio Cologne” and “Express”. The 26-year-old born in Cologne referred to the financial constraints for many clubs.” I know how important it would be for the FC to reinstate the Bundesliga. I would therefore be happy to use any means to save the FC.”

Horn starts from re-start in May

Horn is confident that the season interrupted by the Coronavirus crisis can be played at the end with ghost games:”Of course, we have to be careful with forecasts, as there could also be setbacks quickly. But I assume that we will be able to play football again in May.”

On Thursday, the Task Force Sports Medicine/Special Gaming Company will present the 36 professional clubs with their concept for the Federal League’s spirit game reboot in the Coronavirus crisis. One of the measures under discussion could be an even greater isolation of professionals in order to further minimise their risk of infection.