Horner defends himself against Max after punishment

Max Verstappen Monaco Penalty continues to provide discussion material. Red Bull team leader Christian Horner cannot accept that the Dutchman has been given a time sentence for an unsafe release”. His team reacted correctly to the pit stop during the safety-car phase.

In the interview on’Sky’, the Brit emphasises that the manoeuvre “absolutely” paid off. Otherwise, we would have lost another place against Vettel,”he argues. The’Unsafe Release’is a bit of a mistake, because letting the car go like that is absolutely okay,”he defends his boxing crew.

That would not have been a problem at all. Understand himself only a few days ago thought that he realized that there would be a penalty for this because it was clearly too early to leave.” The problem was that Max touched Valtteri,”says Horner.

Did Bottas break the rules?

What happened? In the safety-car phase after eleven laps both Verstappen and Valtteri Bottas and Sebastian Vettel went to the box. He got back on the track just before the two of them, but he collided with the Mercedes in the boxing alley.

“Max told me after the race that he had not seen him. I think it was interesting to see what happened before.”That’s how he speaks to Bottas’slow pace. The Finnish had to wait until the leading Hamilton had completed his stop, as Mercedes planned a double stop.

“It seemed as if these ten car lengths had not been complied with,” Horner even suspects a rule violation at Bottas. The sports regulations (Article 39(7) actually say, that in a safety car phase the riders may not leave more than ten car lengths distance to the front man.

Horner defends Red Bull crew

Horner is nevertheless satisfied with the outcome of the Monaco race and maintains his opinion: “You can ride side by side in the boxing alley.” Understand has only one penalty. Because he touched Bottas and not because an’Unsafe Release’was presented.

In the rules, however, the race commissioners stated: “The commissioners considered this to be an’Unsafe Release’ from the pit stop, This article states: “Cars may not be released from the garage or from the pit stop position, or the car may not be released from the garage or from the pit stop position. Horner replied, “I stand by the decision of the man who turned the light on green. I am not going to stand in the way. He did the right thing.”