How Hilkenberg was made fit for Silverstone

When Nico Hilkenberg in Silverstone was to jump for Sergio Perez, who was sick at COVID-19, everything had to go very quickly.

Practically from the couch to the cockpit it was said for the German, who had little time to prepare. Hullkenberg noticed this mainly physically. Although he is well trained compared to normal people, especially in the neck area he quickly got into trouble.

Formula One pilots train their neck naturally in the car during a season. That was missing Hullkenberg. For him the Great Prize of Great Britain was practically like the first test day of the winter test trips in Barcelona –a lot of work for Martin Poole, who was already from 2016 to 2019 Hilkenberg’s physiotherapist and trainer and also looked after him in Silverstone.

“I have done more physio with Nico in the two weeks than ever before”, Racing Point’s Human Performance Coach remembers talking to the magazine “GP Racing”. On Saturday, Hilkenberg reported that the G-forces had problems visualizing the dividing points of the curves. He felt as if he had been beaten down left and right.

Throat was normal again during the second race

Hilkenberg could not start the race on Sunday because of an engine problem. According to Poole, Hullkenberg was probably disappointed to 99 percent and relieved to one percent. A week later, however, the German had to take another stand for Sergio Perez. But his physical form had already been much better.

“After the first Friday I noticed that his neck was not as pumped up and muscular as in the other years, but already a week later it was almost like his old neck”, means pool and makes muscle memory and increased blood flow responsible for it. Especially the prominent muscle sternocleidomastoideus –the great head-turner –has felt normal again.

Likewise fries and burgers

And although Hullkenberg is actually in good shape, he says of himself that he is not the great fitness freak like other drivers. Perfect nutrition, such as Lewis Hamilton, is a foreign word for him: “A lot of fries, a lot of freestyle. I have to eat what I want,”says the German in the podcast”GQ”addressed his eating habits.

“Often it is burger or pizza, also a lot of chocolate. Luckily, I am very active, so it does not start,”he goes on to say.

Also body fat measurement and such things are not his thing:”I am not such a pendulum that always looks at everything and measures and perfects everything,”says Hullkenberg.”I am not such a pendulum.” If you’re in motor sports for so long, I can also do without lactation or fat measurement where my body is and where I have to be to pick up what I need in the car.”

And although Hilkenberg is more of a”stomach and feeling man”in terms of it, as he says, no problems were seen on the second weekend. Nico’s performance was simply outstanding,”says his physiotherapist.