Hummels Return: These BVB stars must now tremble

Once again, a spectacular summer transfer is underway between FC Bavaria Munich and its perennial Borussia Dortmund. Mats Hummels is apparently about to return to the BVB. In Dortmund, the staff already provides powerful fuel. Some internal defenders of the BVB are threatened with being on the bench or possibly even a departure.

At least quantitatively the BVB is not as well occupied in any other position as in the internal defense. With Manuel Akanji, Abdou Diallo and Dan-Axel Zagadou as well as Youngster Leonardo Balerdi, Assistant Interior Defender Julian Weigl and Bank Printer Oemer Toprak, six professionals are already und er contract for the Defense Centre.

Nevertheless, Dortmund Club bos see a need for action in this team section, who proved to be a weakness of the Borussia in the last vice-championship season.

If the Hummels recovery reaction actually took place, a chain reaction would have started. Who, besides the former BVB captain, would have the best chances of a tribal seat? Who would sit on the bench most of the time, who would have to leave the club? makes the black-and-yellow defence check.

Manuel Akanji (23 years, contract up to 2022)

The Swiss national player was considered to be number one in the last season under compatriot Lucien Favre. Akanji brought it to 25-start finishes. He was one of the few constants in the shaky Dortmund Round Defensive, which from the end of January remained only three times without a match.

The 23-year-old is considered to be the most intelligent BVB defender with excellent game understanding, great anticipation and smart posturing.

The biggest deficiency is probably his vulnerability to injury: Akanji especially caused problems on the hips. Due to various injuries, he fell out about three months ago.

If he stays fit, the 1.87-m-man, in the event of a Hummels commitment, would still have the greatest hopes of retaining his place of origin.

Leonardo Balerdi (20 years, Contract up to 2024)

The Argentinean Youngster, apart from the inbred BVB fans and Bundesliga experts, should only know the very least. At the beginning of the year, the big-time interior defender (191 cm body length) was committed as a prospective player by the Boca Juniors.

Despite the persistent wounds in the Defensive, the Favre has so far refrained from using Balerdi in a mandatory game. Also in the Regionalliga, the U-national player has brought four bets to the BVB reserve.

Balerdi still needs time to acclimate to Borussia and Germany, to develop sporty and to mature in character. Time that cannot be granted to him without a return to the hard Bundesliga everyday.

If he fails to make a sudden qualitative leap in the preparation of the season, Balerdi will not make it into the BVB-cadre even in the second half of the year. Possibly there is a loan business ahead.

Abdou Diallo (23 years, contract up to 2023)

For a long time the most expensive purchase of the previous season (28 million euros from FSV Mainz 05) was considered as a vertical starter in Dortmund. With 38 obligatory games he was as often on the lawn as any other BVB defender.

On the inside defender position, however, the Frenchman made some uncertainties and individual carvers. Favre also frequently challenged him to the left-defender position. There, too, during the 23-year-old form fluctuations were observed.

Additionally, Diallo lacks a quality that the 2014er World Champion Mats Hummels brought to a large extent to Dortmund: leadership strength.

Diallo is not one who anticipates, who can drag and motivate his players in critical phases. Despite his confidence in the coaching team, the left foot, at least in a four-chain, should have difficulty maintaining its original position. In addition, there are rumors that Paris Saint-Germain has extended the sensors to Diallo.

Oemer Toprak (29 years, contract to 2021)

Regardless of the supposed recovery of the long-standing Dortmunders Hummel, the former Leverkusen in Dortmund has no future. Lucien Favre does not rely on the former Turkish national player. There is no indication that this could change again.

A microbial starter elf bet stands for Toprak 2018/2019 in the Bundesliga zu Buche. The BVB coach could not show the Confederate professional that he did not rely on him in a variety of circumstances. Clear prognosis: Switching clubs.

Julian Weigl (23 years, contract to 2021)

The native Bavarian completed a large part of his 18-league goals in internal defense. Emergency pressures, because the incumbent central defenders repeatedly failed with injuries. Weigl showed mostly stable performance, even earned top marks in some parts of the BVB.

The problem: The five-time national player sees himself only as an auxiliary internal defender. Weigl wants to go back to the Six- here he feels most comfortable.

However, Weigl has a place in the defensive middle field other than safe. The 23-year-old thus remains a reeling candidate, who could quickly become an alternate candidate on a Hummel return.

Dan-Axel Zagadou (20 years, contract up to 2022)

The 1,96-meter edge has experienced all heights and depths at the BVB in its second season. At times it was celebrated loudly by the fans with their own vocals, at times ballads of the Frenchman in the signal Iduna Park were considered with sceptical roar.

With a quota of over 70 percent won duels, Zagadou is one of the best fighters of the Bundesliga. However, his physical robustness and headfall strength cannot be deceived by the multitude of individual errors in the pass and position game, which are sometimes serious. when Zagadou was completely out of character after heavy individual patchers and was switched at half-time.

Zagadou cannot currently deliver this, what Favre is looking for most urgently in the internal defender position: consistency and stability. However, due to his inexperience, the trainer will certainly give him further probation opportunities –however, in the case of a Hummels obligation mainly as a rotating player.

Mats-Yannick Roth