James again takes care of vortex at FC Bavaria

Reunited Wirbel about James Rodriguez at FC Bavaria Munich: The Colombian may have appeared late on Friday for the final training before the Bundesliga match against the VfB Stuttgart.

According to “Bild” James only arrived at 14:17 o’clock at the training grounds of the German football record master on Sabine Street. The training was started by trainer Niko Kovac for fifteen o’clock. As a rule, the professionals must be on site one hour before.

Whether or not James’s delay was agreed with the coach, It is unclear. Against Stuttgart, however, the player threatens once again a bench.

Already in November, James showed up at the meeting point eight minutes late, right in the run-up to the top game at Borussia Dortmund. Kovac had then abandoned consequences for the 27-year-old. Against the BVB, however, James sat on the bench –officially for sporting reasons.

Last Tuesday, James had been surprisingly absent from the training of FC Bavaria. Kovac “gave him an extra day off”, the club only announced.

The relationship between Kovac and Real Madrid’s loan is considered to be broken. James is only a rotating player under the Croatian. Last but not least, Kovac has repeatedly publicly requested better training from his guardian child.

Furthermore, it remains uncertain whether FC Bavaria will use the purchase option for James at 42 million euros in the summer. If the Munich people do not do so, the goalkeeper king of the WM 2014 returns to Madrid first, where he has one to 30. June 2021 has a dated contract.