Jenson Button: Relationship with Lewis Hamilton was interesting

Ex-Formula One driver Jenson Button has described his eight racing team members as Lewis Hamilton’s most valuable career. He appreciates them particularly highly for two reasons.

On the one hand because of Hamilton’s driving kindness, on the other because of the particular rivalry of the McLaren team. Our relationship was interesting,”says Button in a conversation with”Sky Sports F1″and means a strange recipe of fierce competition and unity.

Button summarises what characterized the partnership from 2010 to 2012:”Two Brits fighting for a British team, Both world champions were and were crowned “there was a lot of pressure on the kettle, but it was also a lot of fun.”

In addition, Button had switched from Brawn champion to McLaren, where he met the patron Ron Dennis’placeholder and goalie. However, he was more than aware of his difficult starting position.

Eye-level button with Hamilton

Button stresses: “I have stepped up to meet the challenge of Lewis Hamilton.” Statistics show that he did not do as badly as many experts had predicted in advance. From the 58 Grand Prix for McLaren, Button won eight, Hamilton ten. In the overall rider rating, the Underdog 2011 cut better and failed 2012 only because of two WM points at Hamilton. Overall, he only booked fifteen meters less (adds 687:672).

That Hamiltons had his nose up to pole positions with 9:1, Button does not wonder: “He is incredibly fast –on a round even the best who ever moved a Formula One cart”, He praises.

In the races, however, he was able to take up with Hamilton, especially because of his mature driving style and tactical sense. Over the years, he has won a lot, but some of the Grand Prix that I have chosen for myself were the best of my career because success only led to Lewis,”says Button.