Kehrer takes his second chance at Schalke

Thilo Kehrer’s change to Paris comes surprisingly and launders a lot of money into Schalke 04’s coffers. For the 21-year-old, the step abroad to Thomas Tuchel is a chance.

There was a phase in which Thilo Kehrer’s career was almost finished before it had really started. 2015 was when the 18-year-old was unaccountably absent during the season’s preparation of the royal flowers and instead preferred to stay in Italy for exchange negotiations with the Nobel Prize-winning Inter Milan and AS Rome.

“The player apparently signed a contract with Inter. This was not wise, as two clubs cannot be signed at the same time. We are by no means ready to hand over Thilo,”former manager Horst Heldt said at the time. The end of the song: Schalke remained steadfast and accepted the subsequent repentant apology of the teenager.

Today, three years later, Kehrer will be very happy, that the association did not slam the door definitively and instead gave him a second chance.

The defensive allrounder fought against the fourth-class U23 team first back into the professional cadre and then into the spotlight. His achievements, especially last season, also convinced Thomas Tuchel, The winner has now won the French Champion Paris Saint-Germain for supposedly 37 million euros.

Kehrer before the next big step

For the most expensive defender of the Bundesliga the change to the French capital is the chance, take the next big step and celebrate his first titles at club level. At the Schalkern, Kehrer had led the A-juniors to the championship just before his splattered Italian fantasies. After his rehabilitation he convinced in total 59 mandatory games for the Gelsenkirchen.

The Schalker fans were no later than the 1st. April 2017 excited about her own plant. As Kehrer scored the first goal in the derby against archrival Borussia Dortmund, it was also his first goal in the Bundesliga. A huge feeling, just goose bumps,”Kehrer said at the time. To this day, the 21-year-old, who prays to God before every game and asks for protection, had three more hits in the German Upper House.

Meeting with world stars and an ex-colleague

It was not enough (yet) for a nomination in the A-National Team. Kehrer won the U21 European Championship 2017, but was in the exciting semi-finals against England for 40 minutes. During the journeys in the team bus “DJ” Kehrer agreed the team with hip-hop music to the games.

His new contract in the French capital is not yet signed, but after the mandatory medical check Kehrer finally joins his new teammates, the Neymar, Edinson Cavani or Gianluigi Buffon hot. And he meets again in the 2014th World Champion Julian Draxler, another player who was trained in the Schalker Knappensmite.

The new players can look forward to a defensive allrounder: Kehrer can be an inner defender, on the right side of the defence and also in the defensive middle field.

“Perfectly correct and very loyal behavior”

On Sunday morning, the now second-longest player in the history of the association had been present at the official team presentation and during the public training to the Schalker negotiating position not to deteriorate. Shortly thereafter, Schalkes Sports Board Christian Heidel received a green light from Paris. Thilo Kehrer has been absolutely correct and very loyal to the club,”Heidel said.

Last time Max Meyer, who will be advised by Roger Wittmann as Kehrer, had left another talent from the Knappensmith. Unlike Kehrer, Meyer, now with the Premier League Club Crystal Palace, signed a contract, but was in dispute and finished his contract in the Tribune. Kehrer, on the other hand, was determined to provide “his” training association with a substantial replacement