Keller calls for more support for women’s soccer

The new DFB President Fritz Keller has called for a stronger commitment from the Bundesliga clubs for women’s soccer and wants even more of their own teams in the future.

“I would like to start by volunteering support. There are enough examples of this. Bavaria Munich does it, so does the VfL Wolfsburg, Eintracht Frankfurt is on its way there,”Keller said after the DFB Bundestag in Frankfurt. If nothing happens, we call for licensing measures,”announced Keller.

Currently eight of the 18 federal leagues have a women’s team in the top two game classes. Keller, however, does not consider it imperative that all male federalists should have a women’s team.” They don’t have to start their own clubs now. It may also be that there is a club nearby that is supported structurally and financially, so that girls and women can kick there,”said Keller.”It’s a good idea to have a club that’s close by.” The path is the goal.”

Also Siegfried Dietrich, manager of the Women’s Federal League 1. FFC Frankfurt and Chairman of the DFB Committee for Women’s Confederations, set up on Friday, looks to the associations for insight.” I think women’s soccer has a future. It is worth giving full gas there,”he said. The record master wants to merge with Eintracht Frankfurt in the summer 2020.