Kovac hopes for “Little Luck” against Liverpool

Football record champion Bavaria Munich wants to put pressure on Bundesliga top rider Borussia Dortmund with a victory at FC Augsburg.

“We want to get to the top of the table, at least for a short time,” Kovac said before the duel on Friday. At the moment the delay on the BVB is five points.

National goalkeeper Manuel Neuer could celebrate his comeback in Augsburg after a thumb injury.” He hasn’t had any complaints, so he’s an option for us again. It looks very good now. He is ready,”said Kovac. The 32-year-old had recently missed three games.

New is now apparently available in time for the eighth final duel of the Champions League at FC Liverpool next Tuesday. Kovac hopes for a successful rehearsal in Augsburg: “The game is important for the atmosphere.”

FC Bavaria without seals and Tolisso

Kovac, who can resort to all players except the long-term wounded Arjen seals and Corentin Tolisso, wants to attack in Augsburg in full. We have no reason to spare anyone. We cannot and do not want to underestimate the game.”

In the example last September, the team of trainer Manuel Baum had taken a point (1:1) from the Arena Alliance. At that time we exchanged many players, that will not happen to us this time,”Kovac said:”This game shows the direction.”

The duel in Liverpool occupied Kovac as well.” If we do it properly, we also have opportunities there,”said the Croatian,”in this game, the odds and the form of the day will decide.” has recorded the most important statements from the press conference in the protocol:

++ Kovac about Co-Trainer +++

” he gained experience as a player. But one is experience as a player, the other is experience as a coach. I have Peter Herrmann by my side. He felt 40-year training experience. I am happy to have it.”

++ Kovac about the gatekeeper question +++

“So it is clear that if you are second gatekeeper at FC Bavaria behind Manuel Neuer, then it is relatively easy to understand what task you have. Sven always has to keep his gun on his feet. This is the lot of a second goalie, not only here but at other clubs as well. Manuel is an ambitious player. With little to achieve? I don’t believe that. As a Bundesliga player, you have to put up with more than anyone. Therefore, this is not a new situation for him. We discuss everything. The player always has the last word. And in that case Manuel is ready.”

++ Kovac on the Bavarian defense +++

“The spell has not changed: Championships are decided in the back. I wish we could win the game on Friday. And if it is possible to zero at best.”

++ Kovac on the demand for CL games in the Free-TV +++

“So without the fans our sport is useless anyway. Our sport lives through the many fans in the stadiums and the fans in front of the TV screens. Sport should be made accessible to many. Everything else must be decided by those who sign the contracts.”

++ Kovac on the application of the city of Munich for the CL-Final 2021 +++

“It is far. Now we have 2019. As far as I can and must not think as a coach. I like that. In the end, there are not many stadiums that look like our stadium. If we get the contract, I’d be happy to. Because this is always a very special incentive for a coach and player.”

++ Kovac about Augsburg’s tactics +++

“Psychology plays a big role there. They’re not exactly in the downhill fight. But let’s see if they play as aggressively as in the example. We prepare for anything. We must have the right solutions for both situations.”

++ Kovac via FCA co-trainer Jens Lehmann +++

“It is already the case that former federal league professionals are popular in the coach business. Manager Stefan Reuter will have wondered why he is now joining Jens Lehmann. He has experience as a player under Arsene Wenger. I believe that each of them can eat.”

++ Kovac on the prognosis of Arjen Robben’s return ++

“No, I have not.”

+++ Kovac on the long break of FC Liverpool before the CL game +++++

“I cannot give you an answer to that now. Surely it’s not bad for Liverpool now after all the games they’ve had to take a break. On the other hand, they may lack the rhythm. I don’t know.”

++ Kovac about the evaluation of his work and the chances against Liverpool +++

“Many will surely take advantage of this and say: How did he do it against the opponent and how did he do it against the opponent? I want to win every game. We know what we can do. We know it will be difficult. Augsburg is very important to me. Liverpool will be here in a few days. If we do it right, we have a chance. I don’t think you can judge a player or trainer by whether or not he got into the next round. In my opinion, the form of the day or the percentage of happiness will decide. It will be the same in our case.”

++ Niko Kovac about his relationship with FCA trainer Manuel Tree +++

“The relationship is very good. We had several training courses together. In fact, we were square peasants.”

++ Kovac about the view of the CL game against Liverpool +++

“I think everyone knows that this game against Augsburg is very important for the atmosphere, also for the game against Liverpool. We’re going to be very focused on that. This game on Friday gives us the direction for the game against Liverpool. We have no reason to spare anyone.

++ Kovac about the latest hit Manual of New +++

“It looks good. For Friday he is again an option”

++ The PK begins ++

Trainer Niko Kovac takes his seat. Here we go.

++ BVB icon warns against psycho war with the FC Bavaria +++

The former BVB star Patrick Owomoyela warned Borussia Dortmund against verbal shootings with the FC Bavaria. In the championships of the BVB 2011 and 2012, a psycho war with the German record master did not play a role, Owomoyela said in an interview with the “Sports Image”. Of course, that’s part of it. It is a means for the Bavarians to intimidate their competitors. And they’re very good at it. So, just don’t let it in.”Let’s see, whether the Bavarians are sending a battle announcement to Dortmund today.
>> to the news: BVB-Ikone: FC Bayern “very good” in the psycho war

+++ FC Augsburg annoys the FC Bayern in the example +++++

The balance of the FC Bayern against the FC is very good: None of the previous 19 mandatory games against the Bavarian compatriots Fugger cities more than one hit. At 1:1 in the round, they tied the title defender through Felix Goezes Gate in the 86. Minute, however, the first points of the season.

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