Kvyat about threatening F1-Aus: Then so be it

Daniil Kvyat’s Formula-1 time is nearing its end. Red Bull will not raise AlphaTauri’s driver to the parent team in the coming season, and the Junior Race Institute itself is expected to commit Yuki Tsunoda, a Japanese Formula Two driver. This would probably mean the end for Kvyat, who clearly falls off against Pierre Gasly 2020.

I’m not worried,”Kvyat waved at his situation addressed.”Anyway. If I’m in Formula One next year, fine. If not, so be it,”he takes it pragmatically.

It looks like the Russian will have to look for alternatives for the coming year. But he’s not thinking about that at the moment.” That is not my priority at the moment,”he says. He prefers to do his best in the remaining races.” It’s always the best thing when you’re focused on it. And then we will see what the future brings.”

What the future will look like for him, Kvyat does not know yet.” I don’t have much to say about it,”he says on alternatives such as the IndyCar series. I always liked NASCAR,”says Kvyat. But there is nothing concrete. I can also afford a year off,”he says.

“I didn’t say that I would or I wouldn’t,”he goes on to stress. Everything’s still open. In these crazy conditions, anything can happen. You just have to fight to the end and take your chances.”Only then will he decide, depending on what is available.

“Currently there is no decision to make and therefore much to think about. I’m just saying I can make any decision I want. I am not afraid to make any decision.”

With the final decision of Red Bull, however, Kvyat can live:”It is their business. They know their strategy and they know what they need. I don’t want to get involved.”