Kvyat survives serious accident in Suzuka unharmed

Red Bull pilot Daniil Kvyat survived his serious qualifying accident at Japan’s Grand Prix in Suzuka on Saturday. strong>

The racing stable has already tweeted a photo of the 21-year-old, who stretches his thumb up and smiles. He is well, in Russia they are made hard,”the team wrote.

Knapp 40 seconds before the end of the session Kvyat came off the track with a speed of approximately 270 kilometers per hour, leaned into the guiding board and then skipped over. The car was completely destroyed. For security reasons Red Bull immediately announced that chassis, engine and gears would be changed. As a result of this measure Kvyat would have to start on Sunday (7.00 clock) from the boxing alley.

“This was a rookie mistake,” Kwjat told the specialist magazine “auto, motor and sports: “I came to the grass with two wheels and then lost the car.” After a brief examination at the track, the youngster was immediately released again.” The disappointment hurts more than the accident,”said Kvyat.

Afterwards he felt sorry for his mechanics, who are now likely to have a lot of stress in the short time until the race. I’ve given them a lot of extra work now. I would like to apologize for that,”said Kvyat.

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