Legat: “Assauer shouted:’I’ll punch you in the face!'”

Numerous former travellers remember these days their encounters with the late Bundesliga legend Rudi Assauer. So did cult-kicker Thorsten Legat, who switched to FC Schalke 04 with the then manager Assauer.

“I was sitting at home in Stuttgart at night, suddenly my wife said:’The phone is ringing.’I answered, The manager was even louder, and I said, “ASSAUER.” I said, “I can fuck myself!” And hung up,”Legat told”Sport Bild”.

He simply did not believe that Schalke really wanted to commit him, the ex-pro said. A few seconds later the phone rang again, Assauer shouted:’If you hang up again, I’ll punch you in the face. Pack your bags and come to Schalke!'” The 50-year-old honoured the long-time maker of the buttons: “The man fought for me and always gave me back cover. Unbelievable. He is the father of all the shacklers!”