Lehmann is silent on dismissal at the FCA

Jens Lehmann also wanted to use his position as assistant coach of FC Augsburg as a springboard. But after 71 days it was over.

Augsburg’s Managing Director Stefan Reuter described the short chapter of Jens Lehmann in the Bundesliga as “unhappy”. This was indeed the case.

Just one 71 day the 49-year-old at the FCA as assistant coach of Manuel Baum in office –now Lehmann has to re-orient himself.

The plan of the former national gatekeeper to use the post also as a jumpboard to the head trainer has gone quite quickly. A few kind words from Reuter did not help to say goodbye.

He was “absolutely convinced t hat Jens had given some impulse and certainly passed us on for one or other game as well”.

Jens Lehmann is silent about his dismissal at FC Augsburg

This hardly serves as a basis for application. Lehmann, in the season 2017/18 as “Co” of Arsene Wenger’s FC Arsenal, refused to comment on his exemption. At the end of January, he had described the FCA’s task as a “great opportunity for me”.

He had, as he said at the time, at first “no” further ambitions. For me, the focus has always been on being loyal, even at Arsenal. As a coach I am more inexperienced than Manuel, so I can learn a lot,”said Lehmann.

He found it rather”courageous to stay with someone like me who still has a great name, but no more than that”.

The great name and his reputation as an uncomfortable contemporary –but otherwise? He wanted to help “that the players as a team can put their best possible performance into place,” Lehmann said. He succeeded only on condition.

Six defeats in eleven obligatory games since Jens Lehmann

In eleven obligatory games with Lehmann on the bench there were six defeats –among them clear claps against Bremen (0:4), Freiburg (1:5), Nuremberg (0:3) and Hoffenheim (0:4), which eventually also resulted in the replacement of Baum and Lehmann What Lehmann’s future looks like is open. He had quit his job as a TV expert at RTL when he started working in Augsburg. He has now been taken over by Jurgen Klinsmann.

His former rival Oliver Kahn believes that Lehmann wants to become head trainer in the long term.” I know from experience,”said Kahn a few weeks ago to the sports picture,”that Jens Lehmann as number two can be uncomfortable and not be satisfied with it.”