Lemgo has non-descent after victory in his own hand

The endangered TBV Lemgo left the ranks before the last game day in the Bundesliga and placed considerable pressure on the Bergische HC in the remote duel at the season finale.

The two-time Master Lemgo celebrated on Wednesday an immensely important 27:23 (12:12) victory at the TSV Hannover-Burgdorf and crowded with 21:45 Points the BHC (20:46) on the 16th table place.

Thus the TBV trained by former World Champion Florian Kehrmann can ensure the class content on Saturday by its own power. The opponent is the VfL Gummersbach (22:44), which can theoretically still descend because of the Lemgo victory itself. The same goes for the same-point TVB Stuttgart.

Wetzlar wins the last home game against the master

Both clubs are however two points better and have a better goal difference by 28 or 15 hits than the BHC, which receives Hannover-Burgdorf in the last season’s game. The HBW Balingen Weilstetten and the HSC 2000 Coburg have already been established as descendants.

In the first game after the title win, the old and new Rhein-Neckar Lion lost at the HSG Wetzlar 24:30 (15:15). This means that the HSG can no longer be displaced from place six before the last day of the game in the HBL.

Coach Kai Wandschneider was awarded the crown finish as coach of the season before the game.

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