Lewis Hamilton feels overcome by rage

Lewis Hamilton has posted on Instagram another statement on racism, which is currently hitting high waves in the media and among his followers.

In the posting the six-time world champion confesses, that after the events surrounding the death of the coloured man George Floyd is overcome with anger by police force in Minneapolis and the subject has been touching him emotionally for days.

Hamilton is at the forefront of the worldwide BlackLivesMatter movement with his statements, who has been very media-literate against racism for days. The past days had been “dark”, he admits, and he failed to “keep my emotions in check”.

“I felt so much anger and so much sadness and could not believe what my eyes had seen. Faced with such an unbridled disregard for human life, I was completely overcome by rage. The injustice that our brothers and sisters experience all over the world is appalling and must stop.”

He was not born guilty as a colored man, writes Hamilton, stressing that the recent incidents of racism did not surprise him:”Will Smith”, he mentions to his Hollywood buddy, “described it best: Racism has not become worse. The only difference is that it’s being filmed now.”With cell cameras, as in the case of George Floyd.

Hamilton calls for more people to protest

that it took the protests of hundreds of thousands of people and burning buildings before the accused policeman Derek Chauvin was arrested for murder, Hamilton finds “sad”. He says, “Alas, America is not the only place where racism exists.” And he appeals, “We fail as human beings if we do not stand up for it, Hamilton is the first coloured world champion of formula 1 and has been working as such for years on socially relevant issues such as environmental protection and climate change. On the subject of racism, he positiones himself particularly loudly, polarizes with it and creates awareness.

His exemplary attitude against racism and for tolerance and his call for it to be a shame if anyone remains silent about it today, has encouraged a number of social media posts from different stakeholders in Formula 1. A behavior supported by Mercedes team leader Toto Wolff: “We know Lewis has always supported minorities.”

Why whites often do not recognize everyday racism

Wolff admits: “I have learned a lot from him there. He once asked me:’Toto, have you ever actively thought about being white?’And I answered:’No, I haven’t.’ Then Hamilton said, “You know, I have to think about my skin color every day because I am made aware of it every day.”

A conversation t hat made Wolff aware, that he didn’t have before. He admits: “In our view, it is very difficult to really imagine how difficult this is. That is why I am very pleased and also support the fact that he has spoken so strongly on the subject. He is one of the ambassadors of this sport, and what he does there is good.”

“I was very lucky to have grown up in a household of different nationalities. I lived with a Jewish family for a long time when my family wasn’t doing so well. As a child, I was able to experience what it means to be discriminated against. We can all help bring about change. Sometimes, unfortunately, it takes events like that in the United States to trigger a wave of support for a minority.”

“It is good that Lewis, as a superstar, is at the forefront of this movement, as one who comes from a sport dominated by whites,”says Wolff, emphasising,”I think, Each of us should join this movement so that such terrible things do not happen again. We as a team promote diversity. We select our employees only by performance and not by culture, religion or skin colour.”