Liberation! DHB team sweeps white Russians off the plate

Federal trainer Christian Prokop smiled and snored visibly relieved by his players celebrated their liberation stroke singing and jumping together with the many German fans in the Vienna City Hall Tribune: The German handballers followed their big words with impressive deeds and kept their dream from the EM semi-final alive.

The 31:23 (18:11) to the main round against Belarus was the urgently needed victory in the first of four “final games” on its way to the medal round. The best pitchers were Timo Kastening (6 goals), Julius Kuhn (4) and Philipp Weber (4).

“I am completely satisfied, that was a significant increase in performance in all teams”, Prokop said at the “ARD”: “The boys did a fantastic job.” Kuhn thanked the spectators: “They made a hell of a mood and helped us put emotions on the record.” The last so unlucky Wolff admitted that after his performance in Trondheim he was “packed with honor,” What we can expect from our gatekeepers.”

Wieselflinker Kastening convinces right outside

On the right side of the road the youngest took a big stand against Belarus. Like a dog of the wind, Timo Kastening chased the field up and down, much too fast for his needy opponents, almost at will the wealthy blonde head hit the white Russian gate. He was voted “Man of the Match”, the best player in the game. In the cabin, team DJ Kastening wanted to perform “definitely a Ballermann Song” for the celebration of the day.

The next hurdle is on Saturday the former world champion of Croatia, and his superstar Domagoj Duvnjak in the service of THW Kiel knows exactly what awaits him and his team. ” Germany will be a very difficult game for us. You have a great team, a world-class team. Anything can happen.”

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Losing was forbidden –so was the motto of the German team before the game against Belarus. Failure to do so would have rendered the delay in one of the first two tables in Group 1 hopeless, and it was absolutely necessary to avoid that. The game was therefore a kind of game of fate for German coach Christian Prokop and his team.

And the players delivered, the 5.500 spectators in the Vienna City Hall rubbed their eyes amazingly. Almost everything worked out in the game of this German team, who had been tortured more than right by the preliminary round and had reached the second stage only with a lot of effort.” We all know that we can do more,”said Captain Uwe Gensheimer in advance:”We have not learned to play handball.”

This was confirmed by the German team against apparently a little surprised Belarusians in an impressive way. Out of a secure defense, behind which a last great deal of trained Andreas Wolff seemed almost to scare the opponents, safe and compact combinations emerged in the attack and successful combinations. In the middle of the second half of the period, however, a number of unforeseen events ensued, which it is absolutely necessary to put an end to against Croatia.

The German defense holds

Germany but then also kept an overview, When the Belarusians got better in the game shortly after the break and shortened the delay to five hits: Julius Kuhn, Patrick Zieker and Timo Kastening rebuilt the lead with three goals within 90 seconds to 22:14. It was almost irrelevant to the otherwise dangerous Belarusian cyclist Artsem Karasek, whom the German defense with Patrick Wiencek and Hendrik Pekeler, later with the inner block Paul Drux and Johannes Golla definitely had a grip.

“The defense stands and we have felt as many counter-thrusters made as in the whole preliminary round. Then handball is very easy,”DHB Vice President Bob Hanning said during half the time in the”ARD”. Indeed, the Belarusians, who had entered the second phase of the tournament as one of the most offensive EM teams, are likely to have felt permanently under stress. Even after the break they were annoyed with almost every action by a German player. Also Bundestrainer Prokop rowed with his arms on the side line over and over again, and in every action he fell with him as usual.

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