Magnussen pits against former teams McLaren and Renault

Kevin Magnussen can’t help it: After having established himself with the Haas team in formula 1 after difficult years, he repeatedly opposes his former employers McLaren and Renault.

In conversation with”‘the Danish says that the time with his former teams would have been”a horror”. He does not leave a good hair to Ron Dennis.

Referring to his McLaren debut season 2014, Magnussen says: “I had a run when I came to formula 1, but it was stopped fast. My team back then was very unstable. The pressure on him and his stable companion Jenson Button was enormous, which would have forced her to make mistakes and prevented her from taking orders.

Magnussen is also not well-spoken on Renault, although the French allowed him a comeback. They didn’t bring me here for the right reasons,”he says. I didn’t get the support I needed. I did a good job, but it was clear to her from the beginning that I would not be the right one.”Only Haas would have turned the page.

Magnussen, who will probably also be driving 2019 for the Americans, talks about a”deal with stability”and is happy to have found the joy of working again.”I’m happy to have been able to do it again.” I’ve never had so much fun in formula 1– not even a car that competitive and feeling appreciated so much.”Haas, unlike McLaren and Renault, was able to make decisions and follow his plans consistently. Management pull together.