Matthew: “BVB has a good team, but…”

For “Sky” expert Lothar Matthaeus, a championship fight is difficult to imagine, because FC Bavaria Munich currently has “the best mix of trainer, player and leader” that has ever existed in this club.

But nevertheless he does not consider it impossible that the Black Yellow from Dortmund have the nose in the end. “The BVB Bavarian competitor number one. You have a really good team. It stands out, of course, the Miracle Tower with super talents such as The Hague, Sancho and Co. These are quite spectacular players and as they like to say: young and wild”, in his column “This is how I see it” the director wrote “.

For the World Champion of 1990 this alone is not decisive for a championship. The BVB “needs an experienced leader” if they are asked in the decisive games.

“I am thinking of Hummels, Can, Burki, Witsel, Piszczek and also Reus. You’ll have to go ahead and lead and support the young stars. It is about radiating peace and at the same time self-confidence and will to win and being full at the right and important moment,”says Matthew.