McLaren waives name sponsorship

New driver, new luck? For McLaren, the Formula One season 2018 is important in many ways. The Honda disaster has come to an end, ten years after the last World Cup title for the Woking team, it must finally go up.

Renault-Power and Star-Pilot Fernando Alonso are supposed to ensure, among other things, that the traditional stadium can compete again for podium seats. A new dynamic is emerging around McLaren. We’ve got Fernando, we’ve got Stoffel and Lando Norris on the verge of a breakthrough, and we’ve got a new driver. McLaren Managing Director Zak Brown is spreading a sense of departure.

Numerous new sponsors are said to have knocked on the team as well.” Yeah, we’ve already fixed up some donors- let’s see when we announce them. But we are not quite finished yet, all sponsors are welcome.”

Be quite sure, however, that McLaren will also start 2018 without a title sponsor.” We’ll have important partners. But when you look around in Formula One, nobody talks about the name sponsor of a team. I don’t think it’s worth much. We are McLaren, not ABC McLaren,”says the American.

“Formula 1 makes headlines again”

Unlike the competition of Red Bull and Sauber, which 2018 as Aston Martin Red Bull Racing or Alfa Romeo Sauber F1 team will be on the road, Brown does not want to sell the team name.

“We will be able to present some great brands, but our name remains,” says the 46-year-old and immediately gives a deterrent example from his home country.” In the NASCAR series, drivers are trained to get out of the car and say:’My Chandon Ford was quite wonderful today’- that does not happen in Formula One. We want to keep our own brand.”

Financially his racing centre should not have to worry without a title sponsor, the McLaren director confirms. Despite the modest results of the past few years, Woking also senses the magic that the new Formula One owners of Liberty Media have unleashed.” We can feel the excitement. Formula 1 makes headlines again, TV ratings go up, more viewers come to the tracks, the new owners have a vision – all that gives us a good boost”, hopes Brown for successful years in the near future.