Media: Formula 1 examines season start with ghost racing

Formula 1 probably also wants to save its season with a few ghost races without spectators.

WM races behind closed doors would now be seriously tested by the top of the race series,”the BBC reported after a telephone conference with team leaders, right-holders and head of the world association Jean Todt.

Formula 1 hopes accordingly, that the situation in the Corona pandemic in Europe is improving enough for ghost races in July or August. Possible starting point could be the route in the British Silverstone, near which seven of the ten races are located.

Due to the Corona crisis, the race operation of formula 1 to at least June rests. Mercedes Motorsport Manager Toto Wolff had recently told the newspaper “Austria” at the start of a season: “I hope, In the autumn.”

Budget limits continue to be a point of contention among the F1 teams

Concern about possible team failures has also accelerated a new discussion about further reduction of the already agreed spending limit. Instead of the annual 175 million US dollars (161 million euros), the budget limit from next year should now be at the maximum of 150 million dollars (138 million euros). A further reduction to 125 million dollars (115 million euros) was initially rejected by industry giants Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull, the specialist media reported.

The main point of contention is the cost of research and development. The top three teams supply most of the other races with components or engine units and must first invest millions in the development. This should be taken into account when establishing a budgetary limit. Further talks should bring a solution in the coming days, it said.