Mercedes lets the muscles play in P2 in Silverstone

The delay was still limited, but the prospects for an end to the Sieglos series are still bleak: Ferrari-star Sebastian Vettel has not been able to annoy the dominant Mercedes at the start of the Great Prize of Great Britain.

Last year’s winner from Heppenheim rode on Friday in free training in Silverstone only to rank five (1:27, 180 minutes) and had to give himself to his teammate Charles Leclerc (Monaco) in addition to the Silver Arrow pilots Valtteri Bottas and World Champion Lewis Hamilton.

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Vettel, who took a vigorous ride in the grass in the afternoon was even slower in the end than Leclerc (1:26929) by more than two tenth customers. The 32-year-old, who has been waiting for a victory for almost a year, has been missing almost half a second. Although this is not yet a dramatic gap in the traditional track, Vettel’s hopes for a turn in the World Cup are unlikely to increase significantly. In addition, Pierre Gasly (1:27173) was a Red Bull pilot with his time out of the first training faster than Vettel.

The fastest lap, despite technical problems Bottas (Finland) in 1:26732 minutes before Hamilton. The Brit obviously had trouble finding his rhythm and drove twice in the second training away from the newly laid asphalt. Austrian winner Max Verstappen (Red Bull) became seventh, Nico Hullkenberg had to settle for rank 15 in his Renault.

Even if Bottas left a strong impression, Hamilton is considered to be the favorite of the Silverstone victory. The 34-year-old is an expert on this classic, at his home game he has already been to the Pole six times and won five races in his living room (2008, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017). With a sixth triumph, World Champion Hamilton would be the single record winner at the United Kingdom Grand Prix. I came to make the country proud,”he said.

Hamilton is still sovereign at the top of the World Cup despite the setback last in Austria (fifth place). 31 Points Advance he has on his teammate Bottas –even more than 70-count he is facing constipation and Vettel, who has been waiting for a victory since the end of August 2018 when he triumphed in Belgium.

“We are not in the favorite role,” Vettel had already admitted before the training for the tenth race of the season, In the World Cup too, despite the huge Hamilton lead, he has “no reason” to stop believing in the victory of his overall fifth World Cup title: “There is always hope.” But for Silverstone, Vettel’s prospects are cloudy at first.