Mercedes looks back on a unique success story

Six times in a row Mercedes has won both the driver and the designer title in Formula 1. That’s a record. And all this was sealed at the US Grand Prix in Austin with the 100th joint victory of the Mercedes locations Brackley and Brixworth since 2009 (then with Brawn). All of this was now extensively celebrated.

World Champion Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas as World Cup second and the team leadership spent a full day with it, celebrating with around 1.500 men and women strong staff in the two works and taking memorabilia photos.

Mercedes sports director Toto Wolff also used this moment to look back on the beginnings of the success story in formula 1: I remember our first management meeting in the year 2013, during which we wrote our goals to a board. At that time we said for the first time:’We want to fight for the World Championship.'”

The balance sheet of a success story

This very sentence was subsequently the subject of a discussion among the participants, as Wolff continues to report. Aldo Costa said that we should be more ambitious, we should talk about the plural: World Championships. My first thought at the time was that it was too far-fetched, But in the end we held it on the board.”

The story gives Costa and Mercedes the right: Since 2014, the brand has achieved all possible titles in formula 1 and reached a winning rate of 74 percent in 88 victories from 119 races.

93 Mercedes pilots have been in pole position and achieved 60 fastest Racing rounds, along with 178 podiums and 4.187 points. In 48 cases Mercedes achieved a double victory.

The team’s mileage balance is also impressive: From 13.801 races since 2014 Mercedes has led 4.858, which corresponds to 24.905 raced 69.782. Overall 109 races have led Mercedes drivers at this time, with a drop rate of just six percent.

Even for the boss it is hard to believe

Faced with this balance sheet Wolff has to “squeeze his arm again sometimes”, as he says, “because I can’t quite believe it”. Mercedes has achieved something that has never been achieved before. The entire team in Brackley and Brixworth should be “extremely proud” of this, says the sports director.

Markus Schafer as a board member of Daimler-AG sees the continued success in formula 1 as “proof of the performance of our company, and Daimler-Chef Ola Kaleninius speaks of a “deserved place in the history books of Formula 1” for Hamilton, who has now won six WM titles.

Finally, Wolff & Co. thanked all employees directly involved in the Formula One project. Wolff said, “Sometimes I feel a little bit like a little hustler because we go to the races and praise all the successes, but in fact it is you who make all this possible. Many, many thanks for this.”