Motor end perfect: McLaren separates from Honda

The McLaren team officially confirmed on Friday t hat it will start in the coming Formula One season with Renault drives.

On the edge of the Singapore Grand Prix, the separation from its former partner Honda was thus also skipped. From 2018 onwards, the Japanese are teaming up with Red Bull’s junior team Toro Rosso to maintain the royal class. The Rochade does not come as a surprise, after all it had been signed for weeks.

Toro Rosso’s third Renault team (next to Red Bull and his own workforce) was a condition for McLaren’s new marriage. Finally, eight cars with V6 hybrids had blown up the capacity of the engine mills in Viry. Red Bull, in turn, may have played because you want to get within reach of Honda aggregates in view of 2019.

Alonso should be happy

McLaren has been on the road since 2015 with Honda drives, but has not entered a podium since. Instead, the former success team suffers from the power deficit and vulnerability of Japanese engines. The desired side effect of the switch to Renault is to convince the nervous Starpilot Fernando Alonso to renew his contract after all.

The Spaniard had announced on Thursday to wait with the decision about his future until the issue of propulsion with his current employer is clarified: I am waiting”, Alonso, who did not want to be tied to an extension in the case of the Renault announcement, emphasised that he would be rethinking: “Then I can calculate what our performance will be next year. It’s all open.”