Nail man makes a spectacle of himself with swollen eyebrows

1899-coach Julian Nagelsmann surprised at the start of the Bundesliga with his Hoffenheimer in Munich with unusual outfits and appearance.

His white shirt was held together by a collar needle at the neck, the eyebrows of the 31-year-old looked pinned and drawn, the face was trimmed. More or less directly confirmed nail man a beauty attack.

“I have sneakers,” said the coach, talked about Permanent makeup and added: Women should dress up, that is probably also allowed for him. To his shirt accessory, after the unfortunate 1:3, he made a double-edged comment to the record master. I cracked my collar a few times. With the needle it held, but a few times it was tight.”

Fashion always seems to play a role for nail man in Munich. His red coat was once interpreted as an indication of his affection for the record master when he visited a Bavarian game. He later auctioned off the item of clothing for 1560 euros for a good cause.