Nail man relativizes depth of form: “We are not blind”

The current weakness phase of RB Leipzig is also a challenge for young coach Julian Nagelsmann. He does this with humility, but without great self-doubt.

Actually Julian Nagelsmann has been hardened for a long time, but from time to time he is still surprised by the speed of professional football.” I read the headline the other day that it is currently the club’s biggest crisis. Then I was a little scared and thought:’Oh, they did well for a long time but very well’,”said Nagelsmann on Friday with clearly discernible irony in his voice.

Three mandatory games without victory, the eighth final finish in the DFB Cup, the loss of table leadership in the Bundesliga –that is a trend, but of course not a deep crisis. The problem, however, is the timing. Just before the league summit on Sunday at the top rider Bavaria Munich weaken the Leipzig so sovereign in the background.

And Nagelsmann? The young trainer, who is often distrusted because of his high self-esteem, is quite humble.” It is good to go through such a phase and deal with the role of being hunted,”said the 32-year-old. These are “experiences you can’t buy anywhere. One simply has to make it, experience it and learn from it”.

RB Leipzig will not surrender without a fight

After that, Nagelsmann said, he was”probably happy to have taken a few development steps again”. However, his statements do not mean that RB Leipzig is flying the white flag to Munich.” We have the second highest scores of all federal league teams,”said Nagelsmann:”We are not that blind!”

Nagelsmann tries to inoculate his players that they can win more than they can lose at the Bavarians, “that we don’t have to dig holes if it’s not enough, but we can put up a small hill on which we climb, If it is enough”.

Nagelsmann won twice with his former club TSG Hoffenheim against the Bavarians, but a triumph with RB would probably rank higher because it is just a duel about the title. But Nagelsmann does not want to know about a “final game”, even in preparation he has not changed much. Only the video studio has been out for a little longer, “because it also makes Bavaria a tick better than other teams”.

Does RB Leipzig exist with courageous pressing and “positive disgust”?

Against the current top form of Munich, which according to Nagelsmann has made “incredible progress compared to the round”, Leipzig relies on variability. The measure is the second half of the play (1:1).

Only with RB-typical pressing can it not be done, so Nagelsmann, one also needs a “positive disgust” in order to Opponents in duels to pull teeth. Knowing that RB has not finished a match with eleven players in Munich.

His trainer colleague Hansi Flick wants to welcome Nagelsmann very kindly. This is “an incredibly warm person”, the RB trainer knows from common days in Hoffenheim, where Flick experienced an Intermezzo as managing director. I am glad that he can resume his profession as a trainer,”said Nagelsmann,”and quite obviously he is very good at it.”