Nastasic confident despite Schalke’s horror start

Interior defender Matija Nastasic is a symbol of the spoiled season start of football league FC Schalke 04, after his place in the game against the VfL Wolfsburg on the first day of the game. The 25-year-old himself, however, has long since processed the Red Card. And also the negative results the Serb does not want to overestimate.

“I have intercepted this and look forward to being able to play again in the next game,” Nastasic said in the interview on the Schalker Vereinswebside.

That does not change anything, that the defensive player still considers the decision to be factually wrong: “It was certainly a tough tackle, but I first played the ball and then hit the opponent, which is usually a yellow card”, The Serb explains his view of things.

Arbitrator Patrick Ittrich had warned Nastasic at the first:2 defeat of the Gelsenkirchen at the VfL Wolfsburg after a foul game with stretched legs. Only after the video assistant had intervened did the impartial correct his decision and referred the defender of the royal flowers with red of the field.

The buttons did not only see themselves disadvantaged in this scene by the referee. The association then successfully defended itself against the imposed blockade of two games, so that the defensive Recke is already entitled to play again in the next game against Borussia Monk-ngladbach.

Nastasic: “Have learned, dealing with such situations”

Although his teammates lost the second season game against Hertha BSC without the closed defender, Nastasic remains unaffected:”We have learned to deal with such situations. We have great characters and great players on our team,”explains the Serb.

“Even though we lost the first two games, we remain a team and try to push each other and become better together.”

With this attitude, the first victory of the season was only a matter of time:”I I am convinced of our strength and firmly believe that we will increase and win games again in the next few weeks.”

The team has finally learned from the first season games:”We have analyzed the games very well and seen what we have not done so well,”Nastasic makes clear.