New F1 rules and bolts take shape

On Tuesday, there was an important meeting in London, where the first formula was discussed for the future from season 2021. Participants included Formula One owners Liberty Media, the FIA Automotive World Association, the Royal Class Strategy Group and the Formula One Commission. The bad news is that the content of the talks that took place behind closed doors has been agreed to remain silent.

There is no official opinion on the meeting. In a corresponding message on the official website of Formula 1, it simply states: the day began with a meeting of the Strategy Group, followed by a meeting of the Formula One Commission. It was there that all the sports stakeholders were gathered to see how the vision [for 2021] has developed.”

2018 had Liberty presented for the first time a vision for formula 1 2021 in the context of the Grand Prix of Bahrain, almost exactly one year ago. It is no secret that the meeting on Tuesday is about, among other things, the well-known points of contention, such as the distribution of revenue, a budget ceiling and of course the sports and technical rules went from the season 2021.

Concept car 2021: What is the current state of play?

Although officially none of the participants has spoken on the content, it can be heard from different sources, that overall it had been a constructive and positive meeting.” RaceFans”also reports that there has been talk of smaller regulation adjustments since the 2020’s. Among other things, it is said to have been about oil burning and a re-adaptation of the front wings.

While the cars of the coming season will differ only in details from the current bolts, a great revolution is to be expected for 2021. In September 2018, Liberty presented three concept cars for 2021 to the public for the first time. According to “auto motor and sport” these concepts have been further developed and improved in recent months.

These improvements are particularly concerned with the experiment, to improve the driving behind another car. With the bolts of the current generation, the sophisticated aerodynamics lose a lot of traction the closer you drive behind another car. In order to improve racing, this loss of drift should be reduced as far as possible.

New regulation: Time is pressing…

To this end, the bolts 2021 in their aerodynamics should be greatly simplified. car motor and sport’according to its own information, there is a fairly up-to-date design in which the air guide sheets on the sides of the cars are reduced to a minimum. In addition, the front wing of this concept is greatly simplified, located much higher above the ground than current and “grows out of [the nose]

The rear wing is also very high, and there are two tunnels at the bottom that end in a diffuser. This is the way to regain the drift that the simpler wings inevitably lose. In addition, the cars are supposed to be heavier by up to fifty kilograms than the current bolts, which are also considerably heavier than in the past.

It remains to be seen how the concept will change further in the coming months, and when Liberty will officially present something to the public again. It is clear that there is not a great deal of time left, especially with the technical regulations. Some people from the Formula 1-Paddock recently suggested that you are already very late.