Newey’s austerity plan: This would reduce F1 costs

Formula 1’s top teams spend around 300 million euros a year to play at the top. The new Formula One owners of Liberty Media want to force them to spend only half of it with a budget ceiling. But Red Bull’s design guru Adrian Newey doesn’t like that much. This is socialism. It has only worked in theory in real life,”the Brit complains to”car engine and sport”.

Newey now has a suggestion how formula 1 could save even without the difficult to control budget ceiling.”The British are not the only ones who have worked in real life.” Restricts the tools,”he demands.”The tools Then we don’t need so many people.”How does he want to implement that? First of all, it should be the part of the collar to which he owes his greatest success: the wind channel.

“From a technical point of view, they are dinosaurs who will die out soon anyway. We are building more and more with the help of the CFD simulation,”he argues for the abolition of the wind ducts, for which the optimization of racing stations have spent millions over the past decades. The small clean-up team in particular would take such a hard step, because the Hinwil plant, which was once again improved in BMW times, is one of the best in the industry.

Restricted standard software instead of supercomputers

Abolition of the wind channels also carries risks: because the teams would immediately invest the existing money in the expansion of the CFD tools in order not to fall behind. Newey therefore advocates a standard software with a limited number of computing operations. He would also welcome the abolition of telemetry, so that the intuition and genius of engineers would once again be at the forefront.

But also the team’s up-to-date rage would put a stop to Newey and allow only a certain number of aerodynamic features p er year to be approved by the FIA.” If you can only build five different rear wings a year, you will consider whether a special wing is useful for Monza or Monte Carlo. You then limit yourself to the essentials,”he argues.

No wonder that Newey also demands massive cuts in engines, because the importance of complex drive units has already affected Red Bull several times since the introduction in the year 2014.”It’s no wonder that Newey demands massive cuts in engines too.” The number of test runs is limited,”he says. This would save costs.”

Newey’s arguments against hybrid drive

And he would also ban hybrid drives from formula 1. Also, because it would save about fifty kilograms of weight and make the bolts over 700 kilograms heavy again lighter, which could also prevent overheating of the tyres. He considers the attempt to create synergies with serial production with hybrid technology and thus keep the manufacturers at bay to be overestimated.

“In racing we try to drive as much full gas as possible. In normal life, we are either in a jam or rolling at a steady speed over the highway. What should car racing contribute to this task, Newey wonders. Therefore, for example, the electric machine MGU-H, which generates energy through the exhaust gases, will never be available in the serial car: “It would only make a difference if you drive full throttle for a long time. Most countries have a Tempolimite. Then you move at 130 km/h in the partial load area.”