News: This has “disturbed” me at FC Bavaria

On Tuesday, Manuel Neuer had an evening to forget with the German national team. FC Bayern, on the other hand, is doing much better for the 34-year-old. In the “Sport Bild”, the world-class Keeper has now commented on the personnel policy of the German record master.

According to the latest news, FC Bavaria “has made many correct decisions in recent years in personnel planning”. Now it is also “elementary” to “bind” the performers in order to form a “solid scaffolding”.

The fact that the experienced professionals can and want to influence this is evident shortly before the end of the transfer period, when new and some teammates were introduced to the bosses, to request further reinforcements. With success: In the final track, Munich gained four new entrances.

“The association has always made good and correct decisions. However, as players, we are not tired, we remain hungry, we want to achieve our goals. The exchange among the important players and with those responsible is important, but also normal,”emphasized Neuer in this context.

New contract poker with FC Bavaria leaves bitter aftertaste

The closing man himself had caused irritations during the year, when his planned extension to the industry prime stalled for weeks and threatened to fail in the meantime. In the end, however, all the parties came to an agreement.

Nevertheless, the image of the cheater was suddenly attached to the newcomer. By contrast, the routinier defends himself resolutely via “Sport Bild”.

“That is always said quickly and too easy for me. Contract talks should not normally be a subject in public, it is only a matter for players and clubs, the whole thing should not be discussed via the media. This also bothered me in my case at the time,”he made it clear.

Neuer reported: Thus Kimmich suffers at FC Bavaria during his forced break

Recently, newcomers and his teammates had to endure a hippo message when top-six Joshua Kimmich seriously injured himself in the leading game against Borussia Dortmund. The 25-year-old will be missing for several months –a fact with which he obviously has a hard time hating.

“Jo is a man who does not keep his emotions at bay. I don’t think he could at first classify how bad it really is for him”, The Bavarian captain gave his nine-year-old colleague courage: “Jo is here with heart and soul. We’ve had contact, he’s fully motivated, as always, and he’ll come back good and strong as we know him. I’m not worried about Jo. He needs rest now, I know that, but his eyes are moving forward. We all know that Jo is a fighter.”