“Not dead yet”: Fortuna believes in class retention

Fortuna Dusseldorf “may” after the Cup Blamage at 1. FC Saarbrucken fully concentrate on the downhill fight in the Bundesliga.

Lutz Panannenstiel thought it was a good idea to start the countdown to the class stop at the site of the Blamage with strong words.” We are not dead yet, we still have ten games,”said the outgoing Sports Board of Fortuna Dusseldorf with a view to the upcoming downhill match in the Federal Football League.

After the embarrassing exit of the first finalist in the quarter-finals of the DFB Cup at the fourteenth. FC Saarbrucken, however, mainly sounded the word “still” in the listeners’ears. Finally, the poor performance of Fortuna in the leading rider of the South-West Regional made little courage for the decisive weeks.

First, the Rhineland only managed to extend it through a happy last-minute goal by Mathias Jurgensen. Then the Dusseldorfs played so badly in the extra time, That they had not actually earned the shot.

In the drama of the point (6:7), the trainer Uwe Roller’s defenders failed four times and could not transform two “match balls” that fit perfectly into the picture.

Roller performs mysteriously

Following the off in front of 6800 spectators in crowds, In addition to the chance for great attention in the semi-finals, the Dusseldorfs had also lost the prize of two,8 million euros, which transformed the Romans into Sphinx.

“I have an explanation. But I’m not telling you that,”the coach mysteriously answered the question why his patrons had not put anything in order especially in the extension.

Florian Kastenmeister delivered the approach of a declaration of failure shortly before the first semi-final entry since 24 years.” Perhaps the game from Friday was still in their heads,”the Keeper pointed to the disappointment of the league, when the Fortune against Hertha BSC, despite a 3:0-lead, did not go beyond a 3:3.

The game against the Berliners and the game at the FCS will surely still be in the bones of the professionals, If the third tee on Sunday (18:00 Uhry) has to compete in the league for the basement duel at the fourth-basest FSV Mainz 05.

“Of course the two games hurt very much,” Panannenstiel said to – and pledge cohesion: “We all have to approach the next games together in a focused way – that’s the most important thing.”