Ocon attack: Work much harder than Perez

Esteban Ocon is one of the great surprises of Formula 1-season 2017. With only half a year experience and no points on the account, the Frenchman came to Force India before the season, where he managed to stage himself so far.

In the eleven seasonal races so far, Ocon proudly scored ten times, which brings him to the rank eight of the driver’s rating. His secret is: hard work!

Ocon works much harder according to his own statement”than his teammate Sergio Perez, who is placed in the World Cup rating a rank before him. I have a lot less experience than Sergio, which is why I have to catch up on so many details that come naturally to him. Before and after each race I am mainly for simulator work in the factory. I think it makes a big difference,”he says to””.

Ocon has shown his work zeal since childhood, as he says. He knew his family would get in trouble if the victims didn’t pay for him.” I was under a lot of pressure when I was young. I was not a normal child,”he describes and says that he has been moved from the age of a toddler directly into adulthood. At least it feels like this as a child,”says Ocon.

Barcelona was the most beautiful moment

The fact that he now regularly drives to Force India for good positions in formula 1 is the reward for all the efforts. Place five in Barcelona was his best placement in the first half of the season and at the same time his most beautiful moment.” When the boys climbed on the fence and yelled at us, “that was something special,” he said. The fact that we became fourth and fifth was like a one-two success for us.”

Negative highlight was the team-internal collision in Baku, which cost a possible podium and important points. In the meantime, however, the matter has been settled: “The team thought it was a racing accident and that we both made mistakes,” the Frenchman emphasises. “The team thought it was a racing accident. We were told to be more careful in the future and that it was neither complete nor my fault. The end of the story.”

In the second half of the season Ocon should do at least as well. Then he wants to beat teammate Sergio P er ez regularly.” I’m not here to chase after him all the time,”he makes clear, and above all he wants to score with his iron will. If it comes down to it, I’d drive into the first row and onto the podium all the time,”he laughs.