Only embarrassing- Vettel criticizes F1 leadership

Sebastian Vettel has clearly criticised the status quo of Formula One and has attacked the leadership wars over chief promoter Bernie Ecclestone. We must be careful t hat Formula One does not lose its face”, Vettel told the world on Sunday.

For years, the ruling class of motor sports has been struggling with declining ratings, both on the tracks and on television. The Heppenheimer sees the reason for this in spontaneous innovations such as the introduction of hybrid engines or the reform of qualification: “Three weeks before the start of the season to change the qualification format, According to Vettel, the whole industry behaved in some ways “only embarrassingly”.

Last Thursday, the teams and Ecclestone decided, after a long resistance of the 85-year-old British, to reintroduce the old mode from the next race in China. At the first stations in Australia and Bahrain, the new qualification approach had failed smoothly. Grave fights like this have been damaging to the reputation of formula 1.

Vettel says that formula 1 would do well to reflect back on the core values of motor sports: “Some are rather artificial and the viewer does not like that either. The Ferrari pilot finds formula 1 threatening to lose sight of “the core of motor sports”. As a reference he sees the mapping: “It’s really all about the chosen line and overcoming the point where you need eggs in your pants.”

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