Option at Perez? Confusion about Vettel’s future

Last July 31st was expected in connection with the Silly Season”in formula 1 by some with great excitement.

Should Racing Point really release Sergio Perez from his contract running until the end of 2022 to create, for example, space for Sebastian Vettel, then, due to the contractual constellation, this only goes up to that date, it was said.

“Image” wrote on the 14th of July even: “In Perez’s contract (estimated content of about seven million euro a year) there is a severance clause that can be activated until 31st July. The deal between the driver and the team can be terminated prematurely for a high one-hour amount of money.”

Now, in a covert business such as formula 1, it is quite possible t hat Racing Point Perez has already quit by the end of the season, but has not told anyone. But at the moment there are no concrete indications of this.

And team leader Otmar Szafnauer took the opportunity of the FIA-PK on Friday to correct the “picture” report from his point of view.

He does not, in principle, like to talk about contract content in public. But: “I would like to take this opportunity to say that the report on this option, which you are to talk about and which is to pass today, is not true. That is simply not the case,”says Szafnauer.

Vettel had already made it clear on Thursday that he will not be pushed by anyone to sign a contract.

He does not therefore expect a quick decision regarding his future. While the fans are eagerly waiting for him to continue, he remains relaxed: “It could be a few weeks. Or longer.”