Perez confident: winning is everything

I know I have a chance that comes only once in my life,”says Sergio Perez. For the Mexican, a new phase in his career begins this year. After seven years with the same team, Perez breathes fresh air for the first time at Red Bull and enjoys the change.

But with the big chance in a top team, expectations also rise: “Everyone who works here is programmed to win. Winning is everything,”he knows. This was not the case at Force India/Racing Point. It was simply a question of getting the best possible result. But here the best result is to win,”said P er ez in the podcast”Beyond The Grid”.

Already in the first weeks in Milton Keynes, he was able to see why the cops belong to the top teams in Formula 1 and still dominated the royal class a few years ago. Although Mercedes lost their rank in the turbo era, it is only a matter of time before Red Bull wins World Championships again.

The first impression of RB16B was also positive for him. Max Verstappen was able to achieve the best time during the test tours in Bahrain, and he himself seems quite comfortable with the car.” Every time I step in, it feels better and better,”he says.”It’s just… The car is quite good, it has a lot of potential.”

However, Perez also knows that it could be difficult for him at the beginning. Because the Red Bull has a completely different character than the Racing Point and requires a different driving style.” The suspension is completely different, the mechanical balance, the aerodynamics too. Everything is quite different,”he says.

There is not exactly an advantage if there are only three test days this year for all the teams that you still have to share among your two drivers.

P er ez self-confident:”Wants to win the championship”

“I know that I do not yet make a perfect unit with the car”, Perez admits, but is patient: “It would be the wrong approach to want to be ready in the first race and then be frustrated,” said Perez. His credo: “It doesn’t matter where you start in Bahrain. It is about where to stop in Abu Dhabi.”

And if Red Bull is good enough for the title, then this is also P er ez’s goal:”If we have a car that can win the championship, then I want to win the championship,”he stresses. Critics who take his messed-up McLaren time as a warning, he ignores: “I don’t know why Red Bull shouldn’t work.”