Police costs: Suddenly becoming alone in the corridor?

German professional football deals on Tuesday with the assumption of police costs. Becoming a Bremen will probably be the big loser.

With money, friendship stops even in noble Kempinski. If the club leaders meet at the Nobel Hotel on Tuesday in front of the gates of Frankfurt, the solidarity in German professional football will once again not be far behind.

Everything indicates that the other clubs will hang their rival Werder Bremen. Hanseateats are expected to bear the cost of police intervention in so-called risk games alone.

Finally, the votes at the previous subassemblies of the Bundesliga and the 2. The other clubs refuse to participate in the expenses. In September, the German Football League (DFL) paid the fees of the country of Bremen for four games of the Bundesliga Werder in the amount of 1,17 million euro with great reluctance.

Half of the total amount was immediately invoiced to Werder. The other 584.000 euros were still unclear. There were two variants: the costs are transferred to all professional clubs or Werder has to pay the other half. Now it looks very much like the latter, even if Werder defends against it with his hands and feet.

Clubchef Hess-Grunewald denounces distortion of competition

“We will also use legal means if necessary to ensure that no 100 percent or 50 percent of the costs are passed on to us”, Klubchef Hubertus Hess-Grunewald had announced last week and once again denounced the distortion of competition to the detriment of the North Germans.

The combative attitude of the Werder leaders does not come from approximately. Finally, Bremens Interior Senator Ulrich Murrer has already made it clear that he will send further bills. Three million euro bills are already in operation, quite apart from fees for future batches.

The Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig at the end of March stated that this practice was correct, very against the will of Werder and the DFL. It is true that “the legal finger has been given that it is basically possible to charge such a fee,” said Hess-Grunewald: “But no judge in this world has said that it is a good idea.”

Murrer sees it quite differently.” It is a question of justice and a reasonable consideration of the common good,”said the politician. And other federal states could soon share this view.

Other countries could follow Bremen

The day after the DFL meeting the interior ministers meet in Lubeck. It will show which countries could follow Bremen. Rhineland-Palatinate is already very close, Hamburg and Saarland are still thinking.

Murres and his Rhineland-Palatinate colleague Roger Lewentz are still calling for a fund to be set up by professional football. Most clubs that do not want to pay for the fan problems of their competitors, but strictly reject this.

The refusal to compromise, like the lack of solidarity with Werder, looks very much like a calculation on the part of professional football. The “sacrificial role” of Werder is putting pressure on other national governments not to ask their popular voter football banners to pay and thus disadvantage them in competition.

It is still open, who in this fight between parts of politics and the pros ends up winning the place.