Praise of Lion: Players make “extremely fit impression”

Bundestrainer Joachim Lion still has a very positive impression of his national players in the Bundesliga.

“I’m glad t hat most people make an extremely fresh and fitter impression, they spray just great desire and are keen to play again”, Lion said in the double interview of the German Football Association with France’s national trainer Didier Deschamps. I have 16. In June, both would have met in the run-up to the EM 2020 in Munich, but the tournament was postponed due to the Corona pandemic in the summer 2021.

“It already hurts not to feel this tingling today that an EM game against France, the incumbent world champion, would bring with it”, Lion said, “I enjoy such games, even against a world-class team trained by a world-class trainer. How would I like to welcome Didier, whom I love both football and human madness, into my arms.”The 60-year-old, however, stressed, as Deschamps also did, that the relocation was no alternative:”Health is paramount.”

Football is currently showing, “that he is aware of his responsibility and role in society,” said Lion. One thing is certain for him: “We will appreciate it all the more if we meet again in the stadium one day, to celebrate sporting highlights such as games of a European championship.”

Deschamps spoke with great respect of his trainer colleague, who made”some strong and courageous decisions”when rebuilding the DFB team. He felt t hat his team needed fresh wind,”said the former world-class player.”It’s time to get out of here.” I have seen that the Germans have lost a little experience, but not quality. Germany is still Germany, with great players playing for important clubs.”Lion emphasized to want to continue his way”consistently.”