Press to Vettel-Aus at Ferrari: End of a mistake

The international press considers the imminent demise of Sebastian Vettel at Ferrari above all as the failure of the 32-year-old German at Scuderia.

Some see the guilt not only at the four-time World Champion, who, after his change from Red Bull to the season 2015 to Ferrari, could not follow the previous successes.

The separation of Vettel and Ferrari as the end of an error,”wrote the”New Zurich Newspaper”from Switzerland. Vettel has failed not only because of the many mistakes he made with a most inferior car und er pressure, but also because of the winding course of the Ferrari leadership. Vettel had come as a healer to Ferrari -“and goes as a skilled driver”, “Ferrari lost control in the internal demolition trial between young talent and four-time World Champion.”

As the climax of the “extraordinary deterioration of relations between Scuderia and her star rider”, the “Telegraph” rated Tuesday’s announcement, Vettel and Ferrari will no longer work together after this season. Both sides could not agree on a new treaty.” In view of Vettel’s recent results, it is understandable that Ferrari hesitated with another three-year contract,”said the British newspaper.

“The problem is not in the cockpit”, said the”courier”from Austria. The racing stable follows its decades-long strategy: “The pilots are interchangeable, As soon as they do not get through the rounds fast enough in the Red Goddess.”

The press votes in the overview:


BBC Sport:“When Sebastian Vettel signed at the end of 2014 at Ferrari as successor to Fernando Alonso, he dreamed of it, To emulate his childhood hero Michael Schumacher and win the World Championship with the Italian team. Instead, his time in Maranello ended in frustration, unfulfilled. Fourteen victories, yes, but team and drivers have not achieved their goals, and to some extent the reason for this lies with Vettel. In the course of his Ferrari career Vettel looked less and less like the driver who won four consecutive World Championships from 2010 to 2013 with Red Bull.”

Sky Sports News: “Although Vettel led the championship both in the 2017 and in the 2018 season for a long time, He was overtaken both times by Hamilton and criticized for his mistakes on the track. Ferrari then failed to bring the momentum to last year, instead the season was marked by the internal struggle between its new and its established star. Leclerc and Vettel had numerous crisis centers on the track and a collision in Brazil that ended the race, although the two emphasised that they were good together off the track.”

“The Independent”:“Observers had expected, that he breaks Michael Schumacher’s record of seven Formula One titles. This is now within range of world champion Lewis Hamilton, who has six. Hamilton’s ascent with Merceds coincided with Vettel’s gradual descent into Ferrari.”

“The Telegraph”:“The separation is the culmination of the extraordinary deterioration of relations between the Scuderia and its star rider. (…) In view of the recent results of Vettel, it is understandable that Ferrari hesitated with another three-year contract. In the years 2017 and 2018, the German gave the championship advantage to Hamilton by making critical mistakes, and in 2019 he was regularly shadowed by young Mongolian teammate Charles Leclerc and landed in the overall rating in a distant fifth place.”


“The standard”:”The season in Corona times is Sebastian Vettel’s last in Ferrari. The four-time Formula One World Champion return of the disappointed Scuderia frustrates the back. The early end of the German’s career is not entirely excluded. (…) As enthusiastically announced the collaboration more than five years ago, it was announced on Tuesday that it would be over soon.”

“Courier”:“Ferrari seeks the track of success: The problem does not sit in the cockpit (…) Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari split up with the end of the year after six years together. Thus the racing stable follows its decades-long strategy: the pilots are interchangeable as soon as they do not get over the rounds quickly enough in the Red Goddess.”

“The press”: “The great dream of the German, 32, it resembles his model Michael Schumacher, seems finally shattered. After four World Cup titles with Red Bull Racing, he wanted to become an icon with the Italians, like Schumi, after success with Benetton. However, the attempt to repeat this era has failed miserably. Broken by his own nerves, the (motor) superiority of Mercedes and also the driving skills of Lewis Hamilton, the vettel always saw and controlled in important phases.”


“View”: “The week-long mourning game for a new Ferrari contract for Sebastian Vettel (32) has ended. Perhaps Daniel Ricciardo (30), who was never happy at Renault, and Carlos Sainz Jr. (25), who actually sat at McLaren, offered themselves in Maranello. For a tip. And Ferrari will also have to save in the future if the budget ceiling is limited to around 140 million dollars (and later even less). Or did the highly intelligent fatso perhaps notice that with his loyalty to Ferrari behind the scenes a wind blew in his face?”

“Daily display”:“Vettel came to Ferrari as a healer and goes as a healer”. (…) In the beginning there was a dream. It turned into a nightmare. (…) Ferrari lost control in the internal tryout between young talent and four-time world champion. Therefore, Vettel’s step, even at an unusual time, is not only understandable but necessary.”

“New Zurich Newspaper”:“The separation of Vettel and Ferrari as the end of a mistake. Vettel has failed not only because of the many mistakes he made with a mostly submerged car under pressure, but also because of the winding course of the Ferrari leadership. In the second half of 2018, Mattia Binotto had developed the race car in the wrong direction –which robbed Vettel of his best title chance so far.”


L’quipe:“Since yesterday there is no doubt if there were still doubts for some, Leclerc has become number one in Maranello. In less than two F1 seasons, the 22-year-old Monegasse managed to take out a four-time world champion (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013) to reverse the internal alchemy of Ferrari (…). Since yesterday, it is therefore a matter of course that the future of Scuderia is linked to that of Leclerc. (…) In less than a calendar year, the fairs were sung, the emperor buried and the new king inthronised. The seizure of power was Bonapartist, fast, surgical and almost “smooth.”