Prokop: " I don’t want to have ruined that"

After the annoying last-minute indecision against Russia, Germany’s national handball coach Christian Prokop addressed and answered the media representatives. The 40-year-old insisted defiantly.

Mr. Prokop, how much does the 22:22-tie of the German national handball team against Russia hurt?

We will sit down briefly, digest the game. That has to do with anger, too. But above all, we want to look ahead and tactically bring our strengths against the French. This is certainly a great team, but we have already built up quite a bit and I don’t want to have spoiled it after an undecided –no defeat.

To survive on Tuesday against World Champion France, your team needs the support of the fans again. Was the game against Russia a mood killer?

We liked the mood, and in the end there were standing ovations again. We resent the last attack we won’t be able to defend. But we also know that we have built up a mood, and we want to continue recording it with the audience. This will be a decisive factor against the World Champion.

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How dampened is the mood in the team?

There is, of course, a disappointment that may also be there tonight. The beauty of our sport is that we will play again within 24 hours and not have five days off.

Was the attack with 22 goals and some pitches against Russia too harmless?

I do not agree, because we are leading 20:17 and then playing a pass that leads to a direct counter-attack. I can live with the 22nd Gate, but the Russians are probably doing one too many. I don’t want to delay the attack. We were simply not as consistent and clever at the crucial moments as we had hoped.

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