Racing sets final Ferrari best time

The first week of Formula One test trips in Barcelona ended on Thursday afternoon with another Ferrari best time.

Kimi line queues set the fastest course in 1:20.872 minutes. However, the impression that the true balance of power had not yet emerged was reinforced. There was little operation on the artificial watered road. Only when it dried out did the teams make kilometers without attaching to previous peaks.

>> the best pictures of the rainy rides

The purpose and purpose of the rain test was to try out Pirelli’s new wet tyres, of which the pilots were reluctant to use –either, because the teams feared for their cars or the findings in the setup and development work would have been so transparent that they did not want to take any risks. The supplier was satisfied with the few rounds and watered down for the afternoon session according to his own statement only because a few teams had requested it. Nearly that one of these supporters was the Mercedes team.

Bottas collects kilometers

Why Mercedes? In the morning the silver arrows missed almost the entire session due to a problem with the electronics at the W08. The split Lewis Hamilton stopped driving and left Valtteri Bottas in charge for installation rounds. The Finnish, as scheduled after the lunch break, was the only pilot to make many laps on rain tyres and intermediates. However, Mercedes closed early on due to a “finding in the data”. It is unclear whether there was another defect. Bottas’back seat (+2571 seconds) was hardly significant in any case.

Stronger than in the past days Red Bull presented itself: Max Verstappen (2./+0897), who, just like royalty on dry track, tightened the soft tyre, provided the best test placement of the RB13 and furthermore did not experience any technical problems. Renault was once again surprisingly strong with Jolyon Palmer (3./+0906), especially on the yellow-marked rubber. The fourth was Romain Grosjean (+1, 437) in the already all week round of strong Haas – with 116 bounced even the busiest still ahead of rakes in the once again bomb-proof SF70-H (90 laps).

Perez and Hullkenberg convince

Pascal-Wehrlein-Replacement Antonio Giovinazzi parked the Clean C36 in the rank five of the time list (+1529), but with ultrasound on the axles and therefore presumably with little fuel in the tank. Sergio Perez (6./+1662) sent India on a rather satisfactory short break, although the Vijay Mallya troops had long stopped repairing a defective exhaust on Thursday. The classification was completed by Vandoorne in McLaren (7./+1704) and Nico Hullkenberg (Renault/9./+4102), who had only been on the road in the morning.

On Thursday Williams and Toro Rosso were no longer in the game. If the British cancelled their participation “for security reasons” after Lance Strolls’accident on Wednesday and flew in a new chassis by next week, the Red Bull junior team was plagued after two installments of the Renault drive train. The mechanics changed the entire turbo hybrid engine, but Daniil Kvyat and Carlos Sainz did not get on the train anymore.

The findings of the first test week summarized briefly:

  • The fastest time belongs to Bottas, which on Wednesday in the Mercedes made a round in 1:19.705 minutes on Ultrasoft and clearly prohibited the times from previous years.
  • formula 1 has become faster after the rule changes at least three seconds, rather more so.
  • Ferrari is likely to be after only one 0, 247-second slower circulation Sebastian Vettels on the two stages harder soft-pneumonia be the angriest opponent of the silver arrows. Despite minor failures, both workshop teams are characterized by reliability. Red Bull remained covered.
  • Haas, Renault and Cleaner were able to surprise sporadically.
  • Headaches gave McLaren a headache due to the flammable Honda drive and Williams.
  • Teenager Lance Stroll turned out to be a new crash kid after three departures in two days.