Red Bull shocks competition even in the second training

Red Bull pilot Daniel Ricciardo has set the best time in the second Free Training for the Monaco Grand Prix. Following his pace, only teammates could understand Max. Sebastian Vettel was Best of the Rest”.

Red Bull dominated Thursday’s Grand Prix training at Monaco in Monte Carlo and with Daniel Ricciardo also set a new track record in FT2.

The Australian mastered the tradition course in the principality in 1:11.841 minutes. With this, his team underlines the favorite role Red Bull now assumes for himself.

“The long runs did not look good on Mercedes or Ferrari,” says Motorsport Consultant Helmut Marko. ” Our drivers are comfortable. If our chassis can show us where it’s good, it’s here. Yes, there we come into something like a favorite role.”

The first Red Bull stalker Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari) was 0572 seconds behind. Lewis Hamilton (4./Mercedes) was even missing 0695 seconds. On top of that, not only is a Red Bull fast: Max Verstappen occupied second place with 0194 seconds delay. Also pleasing: His regression action in FT1 did not entail any penalty.

Ricciardo and understand also on hyperdrive fast

In the long run simulations at the end of the afternoon training, a similar picture emerged: Red Bull with a lead on Ferrari and Mercedes, which were about eye height.

Particularly impressive: Ricciardo and Verstappen were able to drive in round 22 or 18 on their Hypersoft set still under 1:15 minutes. The other top teams never succeeded.

“It was a good day. It can go on like this,”Ricciardo radiates. The route is still changing strongly until Saturday, but that was a good start. Both cars are ahead and the long runs were also good.”

Hamilton’s car is supported

Hamilton was at least a third one in the morning, with less than four tenth customers behind.” But on Thursday morning, sports director Toto Wolff sighs, “we were strong last year as well.” In the end, Hamilton showed 2017 P13 in the starting lineup and P7 in the race.

Hamilton complained about strong under-taxation, especially on the Super Soft Pirelli, which will not be a topic in the race.

In general, the race preparations were not in the foreground: “Longruns don’t matter anyway. It’s all about qualification,”says Brendon Hartley (11./Toro Rosso/+1, 381).

Grease diluted to penalty

Last year’s Grease fell to our reporter at the roadside due to the extremely low ground height on – -no car put on the asphalt louder at the tobacco curve than the Ferrari.

Later there was a 100 euro penalty for the German, because he drove in the boxing alley 61 instead of the permitted 60 km/h. Today, several pilots entered the FIA “Flash Cases.”

“Red Bull has looked strong,” Vettel analyzes, but limits: “This is not the first time this year. The Longruns are “a bit of a mess” anyway. The Longruns are “a bit of a mess”. It’s more important to be in the front. Nevertheless, we can still work on the balance. Especially in the second and third sectors. The car still slides a little too much for me.”

The positions seven to ten made up the Renault workshop team and the Renault customer team McLaren among themselves. Nico Hullkenberg was on P7 fastest in the quartet, which was within 0153 seconds. Hartley on P11 was also in shock. It was only after that that that there was a somewhat larger gap.

Haas a single disappointment

Particularly disappointing: The Haas team on positions 16 (Kevin Magnussen) and 18 (Romain Grosjean).” The first sector is the most difficult one. Here we are last, with two, three tenths of a distance to the last one”, annoys the chief engineer Gunter Steiner.

For the honor rescue he has at least partial declarations ready: At magnets the gasoline injection was struck in the morning so that he could not drive more than seven rounds, and there was something wrong with the floor at Grosjean in the afternoon.

“We were not where we wanted to be,” says Steiner. Haas thus matches the usual suspects Clean and Williams in the back field.

The interruption of the session after about 25 minutes had nothing to do with it. On the contrary, once again, a golden key had become loose. This time between the casino and Mirabeau. Until it was welded again, a few minutes passed…

Friday is traditionally free of training in Monaco, at least for formula 1. This means that the teams have more time than usual to evaluate the training data. Perhaps the most important qualifying of the year will take place on Saturday afternoon at 15:00 o’clock.