Revierderby for Witsel more important than victory against Bavaria

In his first season for the BVB, Axel Witsel was used against FC Bayern and Schalke 04 in all four games over the full distance. Against both rivals he shot a goal and yet there is a big difference for the Belgian between the “Revierderby” and the “Classic”.

“The atmosphere, all of it –one feels more against Schalke than against Bavaria”, Witsel told “to understand.” That’s just my opinion, but you feel the same way with the fans. I think a victory against Schalke is more important to our fans than against Bavaria”.

“Of course they would be very happy if we won against Bavaria,”the 30-year-old made it clear. The Munich people are, after all, once again the great rival in the title fight during the current season.”But if we lose against Bavaria, they would show a different reaction than in a defeat against Schalke,”Witsel played on the great rivalry between the supporters of the two district clubs.

“The fans were crazy”

The midfielder who switched 2018 from China to Dortmund, had already heard before his first game against Schalke of the importance of the game: “Everyone told me before that this is very important for the club, for the fans, for the city, for everyone.”

About the size of the 2:4-derby shoot on 31. The game day of the last season Witsel was surprised: “When we lost, we wanted to thank each other, as we usually do, but we left the place directly because the fans were crazy.” Witsel and the BVB have a chance to make up for it on 26. October, when it comes to the new edition of the district bulletin. You have to win this game,”the Belgian knows”and this season we will also win this game.”

Two weeks after the Derby against S04, the Dortmund Guest Game is at the Munich Record Champion. Talked to Bayern’s new superstar Philipp Coutinho, Witsel gets into a frenzy:”Coutinho is a fantastic player. I played him when I played Brazil. He has a lot of quality. You don’t play without reason for Barcelona. This was a good transfer for Bavaria.”