Rhein-Neckar Lions Conquer Table Top

The two-time German champion Rhein-Neckar Lion has won the table top in the Handball Bundesliga in the distance duel with Vice-Champion SG Flensburg-Handewitt.

The lions won Sunday at HC Erlangen with 26:20 (12:12). In the meantime, Flensburg fought with 32:22 (17:11) in the home arena against the still pointless finish of HSC Coburg.

After the fifth day of the game, the two teams pushed the point-same THW Kiel (8:2) from the top. Despite the 35:29-victory at HSG Nordhorn-Lingen on Saturday, the title defender is currently in the third rank because of the worse gate difference.

National team captain Uwe Gensheimer had a big share in the victory against Erlangen after a bumpy start of the lions with eleven hits as the best pitcher. Body language, aggressiveness and willingness to put pressure on the opponent have voted,”Gensheimer said at”Sky”:”We are very glad to have brought another performance and attitude to the record than against Leipzig in the previous game.”

The foxes Berlin, on the other hand, submitted at GWD Minden with 26:31 (13:13), For the time being, therefore, Minden made the jump from the descent rates. TVB Stuttgart entered the third season. The team for former World Champion Joachim Bitter won at SC Magdeburg with 30:29 (18:12).

By noon, MT Melsung in the Hesse Derby at HSG Wetzlar with 33:25 (16:7).

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