“Root praises Understanding: Ice cold when it comes to it”

Alexander Wurz is not surprised that Max Verstappen took his chance at the Austrian Grand Prix and won. The position of being able to control a race from the top is one in which the first 20-year-old Red Bull pilot feels particularly comfortable. He proved this again in Spielberg.

If he drives the race divided, as in Barcelona at the time, if he does not have to run the elbows against an immediate opponent on the track, then he has used such opportunities from the first day on ice cold. There he is really quite well at home,”explains Wurz in his analysis for the”ORF”.

“In a duel he is sometimes still too aggressive. There he has too big red bull horns with which he has been thrust a few times,”says the former Formula One driver. I don’t know if he’s rejected them yet.”

“But from the speed we don’t need to discuss him. He always does. And the understanding of moving the car and letting the car with the tire free, but still gassing, it makes it perfect. He is well prepared for this,”says Wurz.