Rosberg believes in the electric future of formula 1

The former world champion Nico Rosberg considers an electric future of formula 1 and the end of petrol engines in the king class of motor sports possible.

If all mobility is electric and all new cars are sold electrically, then they must already retract. Then it makes no sense for them to be on the road with booze,”Rosberg told the”German Press Agency”. At the moment, however, the 33-year-old does not see the time.

Rosberg became co-owner of the Formula E electric racing series after his career and invested in environmentally friendly technologies. Among other things, the former Mercedes-Pilot is co-initiator of the Greentech Festival from 23rd to 25th. May in Berlin.

There, at the edge of the Formula E race at the former Tempelhof airport of the capital, will also be advertised for eco-friendly innovations, not only in the area of mobility.” I was looking for a new, significant challenge. I found this very quickly in the E-Mobility,”said the former racing driver.

The goal of Rosberg and his teammates was to”accelerate the positive change. We want to inspire and fascinate people. This is an extremely important phase for us in the world.”

More than 50.000 international visitors are expected at the Greentech Festival. The world’s largest green technology exhibition, a conference on the main sustainability themes and the awarding of the Green Awards are offered.