Rosberg: Schumacher comparisons not relevant

When it comes to the records in formula 1, one does not usually get past the name Michael Schumacher. The seven-time World Champion is in almost every respect the measure of all things.

The Kerpener does not hold a record, however: Sebastian Vettel 2013 presented the longest winning series in the royal class when he won nine races in series. Schumi stands “only” for seven successes, just like Nico Rosberg, who could beat him in Spain this weekend.

“This is not really relevant or comparable. I’m aware of it and I love it. But it’s not something that I think about much,”says Rosberg. The current World Champion is still far from seeing his former teammate. Michael is a seven-time world champion. He is one of the greatest of all time,”recalls Rosberg.

Between 2010 and 2012, Rosberg and Schumacher drove together for Mercedes for three years. Lewis Hamilton then replaced the record champion and took Rosberg 2014 and 2015’s championship title from under his nose. This season, however, after the first four races, everything seems that 2016 could become the year of Rosberg. “The year of Rosberg The victory would be cool,”says the German before the race in Spain quite casually.

“I have experienced this situation so many times”

“I have experienced this duel with Lewis for two years now. That’ll help. I’ve seen this whole situation so many times now. Experience plays a very important role in this sport,”says Rosberg, who currently has 43-meter in front of his teammate. He hasn’t written Hamilton off for a long time. I don’t think the last two races have scratched his confidence,”he explains.

“He was still on the road, as usual, strong. But of course, it’s always good to have a victory in the back,”says Rosberg. Hamilton has had to deal with technical problems several times recently.” Half of the team was rather upset by the difficulties of last weekend, but it is precisely at times like this that we can see how strong our team is. This is impressive,”praises Rosberg.

Problems with the silver arrow

The German also had to tremble in Russia recently. Also his silver arrow did not run completely round in the last rounds. In Sochi, we had engine problems at the end of the race,”the German recalls and says:”That’s why there was still a lot in there, because that’s why some things had gone down. The fall was very close, it was very borderline.”

But even with these problems Rosberg and Hamilton celebrated a double victory in the end. This, of course, raises the question of whether Mercedes, and especially Rosberg -2016, had to call up the entire Silver Arrow performance at all.” Sure, often,”says Rosberg. Whether this will happen again in Barcelona will depend above all on how much pressure Mercedes’s competitors can put on this time.

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