Rosberg’s joy not clouded by Hamilton’s mockery

In the euphoria over the smoldering Formula One party in Mexico, winner Nico Rosberg did not want to let the mood of his teammate Lewis Hamilton’s boxing-stop mockery spoil a bit.

I felt like a rock star”, he said in Mercedes’s employer’s motorhome about the victory in the red-and-white-green confetti rain and the “Nico, Nico, Nico” scandalous fans. It’s a great pleasure. It was a very emotional victory.”Also two hours after his triumph Rosberg was still shining all over his face.

The managers of the German factory stall were trying, the vortex to keep the initial Hamilton refusal to change tyres and the British discussion about it by boxing radio as small as possible.” Racers have emotions, and if they didn’t want to win every time, they wouldn’t be the talent they are,”stressed Mercedes Motorsport Chief Toto Wolff.

Hamilton had seen himself deprived of his chances of winning on Sunday at the autodrome of Hermanos Rodriguez, when he was called to a second, previously unplanned stop in the box. He refused the first call, had his crew wait with the wheels in their arms and began a debate with his racing engineer.

Only when he made an unequivocal announcement did Hamilton steer the car into the boxing alley on the last pusher.” There was no risk of losing anything,”Hamilton said after the race. After all, the designers-WM had already been won, “so let me take a chance”, according to the British broadcaster BBC.

Rosberg had previously bought new tires without murmuring, even though he had not been enthusiastic about this instruction either. Wolff explained the tactical change from one to two tyres with wear that was higher than expected. In the first set, one of Hamilton’s tires was “down to 0% rubber”. In addition, the silver arrows had enough lead in front of the rest of the field not to jeopardize their top positions.

“This was a victory with consolation prize taste for Rosberg. A gift from Mercedes, however, was found in the Spanish newspaper “El Mundo”. And the sports magazine “Marca” oracles of a “compensation for Rosberg. Mercedes did not allow Hamilton to choose the strategy, thus protecting Nico and enabling him to win the vice-championship.”

With his fourth season victory and the twelfth of his career, Rosberg regained second place in the classification behind Hamilton. The Brit had made his third World Championship perfect in Austin the weekend before.

Rosberg, who in Mexico showed an impeccable race from the Pole, is now hardly able to take the World Cup as in the previous year. 21-Points higher than his compatriot Sebastian Vettel. The Heppenheimer had thrown his Ferrari into the line boundary after a flat foot at the beginning. Kimi Vrikkunen was also eliminated, the Scuderia had not brought a car to the finish since April 2006 for the first time.” Mistakes, bangs and tires. The black day of Ferrari,”commented”La Stampa”.

What made it worse for four-time world champion Vettel: that it happened at the most atmospheric Grand Prix that formula 1 has experienced for a long, long time. Because even if Rosberg was the winner, the big winner of the weekend was Mexico.

The victory tribute in front of tens of thousands of cheering and singing fans in a former baseball stadium became the ultimate goosebumps experience.” I remember something like that when I was a kid, I went to a race with my dad. It was a bit like a time trip,”Vettel said to the whole atmosphere.

Rosberg was even allowed to enjoy the victory ceremony as the main actor, next to him after a cold handshake Hamilton and the Finnish Williams pilot Valtteri Bottas as the third. It has exceeded all expectations, quite clearly,”said the native Wiesbaden to the mood with total 110.000 spectators on the line in Mexico City. And with the first hat trick of his career –pole, fastest lap and victory –he may have more than met his own expectations in sports.

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